Mossy Birch?!

Who is this

Come In and Read My

Tea Leaves

Who does she think she is?

Mother Oak is the stage name of Jason Newsom, a professional actor; drag performer; stand-up comedienne; make-up attempter; singer (scream belting trash); and Earth advocate. If Mother Nature is the supreme, then Mother Oak is her niece. She is a femme -fatale swamp witch from the woodlands of Pittsburgh, PA -- a city of bridges and big ass drag queens... and fries on EVERYTHING!


Mother Oak didn’t flower until the summer...of 2018, when she joined a queer softball league and volunteered as tribute to compete in the 4th annual Miss Steel City Softball League Pageant. She popped out of the softball field, worked the stage, and had the night of a lifetime. She didn’t win, but she worked her bark off for the next year...and won the crown and the title.

What has she been up to?

She is most proud of becoming an educated queen. Mother majored in Theatre and Voice Performance at the Youth Performing Arts High School (YPAS) in her hometown of Louisville, KY. Then, she frolicked over to Otterbein University and got her BFA in Acting. THEN, after a quick DUI and a mid-twenties life crisis, she popped her big ass on over to Chicago, IL to learn from the comedy LEGENDS at The Second City. She has since landed in Pittsburgh and has been living here since 2016. 


She performs both live and remotely via Zoom! She travels, and she will host / MC any event that you’ll have her at: Weddings, Birthdays, Haus Parties, Gayme Nights...any event that is calling for some drag!! She will perform at the opening of an envelope. Just send a raven to book this silly birch.

Why does she do drag?

Times are tough. People are dying. People are being killed. What can we do? We can vote. We can educate ourselves, and then help to educate others. We can put our money in the hands of people who will not use it to do harm. We can clean up our planet by cleaning up the system.


Change doesn’t happen overnight, this much is true. And the Gawds know we need change. What ​can ​happen overnight? Someone’s heart can change. I want to wake up to change. That is how I wake up every day. What is going to wake ​you​ up?


We are the problem and the solution. Get on board!




A note from Mother

Hey Kids,

🍁🍄🌳 Welcome to the forest! 🌳🍄🍁 

     I wish I could be there with you to give you a tour of my website but I’ve been called to duty to help our earth from being taken over by physical and metaphorical 🗑 TRASH 🗑. Please recycle and please...ENOUGH with the single use gawd! The global warming of it all.

Please take care. Take care of the earth. Take care of others. Take care of yourself.

💚 Mother Oak 💚






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